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Monday, May 24, 2010

Miss Girlfriend Tee and Mix

HOT ITEMS SELLING FAST!!! Grab 1 babe!:))

price stated below the pictures..anything, email me at balilyder@gmail.com or u can comment n leave ur msg here...

all brand new!!!!

1. ZORO pink (size S)
RM 25

2. ZORO black
size: fit S- small L
this item have been reviewed by http://fashion-clicks.blogspot.com/ (on 26/5/10)

4. Jacket : SOft material
light brown/ yellow
have button and zip

5. Black Hoodie (belt included)

6. CUTE YELLOW blouse

13. Dress
fit M to L
this item have been reviewed by http://shoppersbite.blogspot.com/2010/05/tuesday-nite-bites_25.html



BUY 1 RM16
BUY 2 RM 30!!!!

7. * Tee A
8. * Tee B
9. * Tee C
10. * Tee D
11. * Tee E
12. * Tee F

Saturday, May 22, 2010

colorful legging!

LEFT 2pcs!!

All brand new items!
RM25 each- best price
price not including postage
pos express (RM4.50) n pos laju RM6.90/kg

Design 2. (purple, brown and dark green)
quantity: one each

1. purple SOLD
2. brown SOLD
3. dark green

design 1 (blue, pink, black)
quantity; one each
1. Black SOLD
2. pink SOLD

been reviewed by Shopper bite (23.5.10- Sunday nite bites)

Mr boyfriend tee!

LEFT 3 pcs!!
material : 100% cotton
price not include postage : rate follow pos malaysia
buy 1 to 2 pcs = RM 25 each - best price
buy 3 and above = RM22 each
anything, email us at balilyder@gmail.com

COME GUYSSS!!!!!...This is MOST WANTED TEE EVER...Come grab for YOURSSS!!!

1. JAPE purple - front SOLD
1. JAPE purple - back

2. BE@RBRICK- white (front) 'SOLD
2. BE@RBRICK- white (front)
3. BE@RBRICK- black (front) SOLD
3. BE@RBRICK- black (front)- closed up the design

3. BE@RBRICK- black (back)

4. LUFFI WANTED -black (front) SOLD

4. LUFFI WANTED -black- closed up the design

4. LUFFI WANTED -black (back)

5. Mario -purple (front)

5. Mario -purple (front)-closed up

6. JAPEGAZINE black- front SOLD

has been reviewed by Shoppers bite (23.5.10- Sunday morning bites)

6. JAPEGAZINE black- front
6. JAPEGAZINE black- back

7. JAPE black - front SOLD

7. JAPE black - front closed up

7. JAPE black - back

8. L DEATHNOTE -coklat front SOLD

8. L DEATHNOTE -coklat back

9. Baby milo (black) front

9. Baby milo (black) front- closed up

9. Baby milo (black) back view

10. Baby milo (green) frontSOLD

10. Baby milo (green) front closed up

10. Baby milo (green) back

11. Freddy bby - red front

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Looking for distributor!! Little tree

HI, anyone interested to be distributor or retailer for product (CAR FRESHENER -LITTLE TREE)..klu tatau ape ni, u can browse at official web page (littletree.com)...Lil tree ni selalunye org letak kat kete..tp for me, mane2 pun bule..i letak kat dlm bilik, toilet, dapor and almari..product ni makin femes kat Malaysia..klu sape2 tgk Akademi Fantasia (diari), ade la jimmy ke, aril ke..pakai bju lil tree..

im offering this price

1-10pcs= RM6.00/pcs
11-99pcs= RM5.50/pcs
100 and above = RM 5.20/pcs (free tester -8pcs and rack)
tester= RM4.50/pcs (if purhase 50pcs above)

price still can nego depends on the quantity
postage fee bear buy buyers follow POS MALAYSIA rate

anything, as usual email us at balilyder@gmail.com or can contact us at 017-3479984

Thank you Guyss